Flexible deposits

The advantages of using ARQUITANK flexible tanks are: minimum weight and vacuum volume, quick and simple installation due to lack of fitting parts, simple filling and emptying, maximum use of available space, total protection of the contents, manufacture with durable and maintenance-free materials.

The different materials used for its manufacture, from the fabric to the different accessories, are the most suitable to obtain, throughout its useful life, a great resistance to abrasion and constant chemical stability, without any type of maintenance.

Some of the stored liquids can be: water both rainwater, irrigation and potable water, liquid fertilizers, chemicals, sewage, etc.

Its applications are manifold: in the fight against fire as temporary reservoirs or as regulatory ponds in places of difficult access, the use of rainwater, the storage of slurry in animal farms, in humanitarian missions and emergency situations caused by extraordinary atmospheric events, for the temporary storage of liquid fertilisers in the field, for temporary storage during repairs of pools or containers of liquids, in the industry for the storage of highly corrosive products and so on…