Flexible tanks

The ARQUITANK flexible tanks, manufactured in our facilities are the result of years of experience and with the use in its manufacture of top quality materials are an ideal solution for the permanent or temporary storage of liquids

Several models are manufactured such as closed (CE type), open (CL type), for transport (CT type) and in various capacities also according to customer requirement and need  and with inlet and outlet openings in different qualities and composition.



Arquitectura Textil is an industrial tailoring that designs custom made textile coverings created to cover partially or completely all kinds of functional areas. We seek solutions that fit the need of each project.

We invite you to visit our catwalk of spaces. Custom made spaces. Arquitectura Textil spaces.

Our experience

Forty years of experience guarantees our expertise. We are a company that is dedicated to serve our customers. Custom made projects provide effective and complete solutions.

Arquitectura Textil has built unforgettable designs internationally and all around Spain.

Our commitment

In Arquitectura Textil we design, manufacture and install our own equipment, which guarantees that the execution of each project is completed with the same dedication with which it was created.

Our customers enjoy customized spaces, created from A to Z. This way they only have to worry about enjoying the new dressed-up spaces created by Arquitectura Textil.

Discover new possibilities to dress your architectural spaces!

See our portfolio for inspiration.

Nuestros servicios y habilidades

The lightness and functionality of textile covering spaces with existing or newly created playgrounds as a solution for protection against the sun and the rain explain the success of this product.

Urban areas with textile coverings become elegant oases in which people stop and enjoy, it can be just for resting or to protect you from the bad weather conditions.

The feeling of lightness of the textile solutions combined with other buildings or annexed areas, provides agility and dynamism to the malls and helps them define spaces, confluence zones or traffic areas.

The tensed mesh gives the feeling of fragmentation of the area covered, the ability to mix colors and offers an interesting and comfortable, both visually and functionally, partial coverage.

In the international market, our textile covers achieved that our customers get spaces with an image of modernity and uniqueness.

For any event or space dedicated to gastronomic activities, for a temporal period or permanent, any textile covers offer versatility, differentiation, modernity and efficiency.

Ephemeral covers and Arrquitectura Textil are two concepts that complement each other with efficiency to the needs of any temporal event.

There is a big difference between the two lines drawn on a pavement and real spaces to park cars safely, in an orderly way and protected from the different climatic conditions. This is where our solutions make the difference compared to traditional solutions.

The use of textile coverage in cruises create the perfect continuity of lightness, and help to define the different spaces and shared areas, protected from the adverse weather situations on the cruise.

The use of textile closings allows the siding of spaces, protection from the wind and the possibility of using advertising in the closing.

Our entire range of solutions for the covering of bleachers is designed to offer maximum comfort and highlight the relevancy of both installations and sporting events.

Avoiding that the bad weather conditions can leave the paddle inoperative or tennis outdoor courts giving economic losses. It can be solved with a textile cover that is easily removable in summer.

The textile covering of indoor sport halls makes it possible to develop creative solutions that deviate from traditional solutions and come into a very reasonable cost.

One of the first applications in the field of the textile coverings was the use of pressure static. And even today, it is the most balanced solution comparing price and maintenance for the use of swimming pools all year long, from summer to winter.

Removable textiles covers represent a perfect solution for the industries with problems of space. Also, the use of plastic tissue minimizes problems associated with the maintenance of corrosive products or fumes.

The covering of tanks, ponds, settling ponds or any other similar space, finds in the textile covers the ideal solution, thanks to the low maintenance.

The flexible deposits arquitank for water and chemical products of different capacities are the perfect solution for emergency situations. Custom made to keep liquids in areas of difficult access.

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